Birthdays and Moving, Oh My!

Busy times!

My grandfather’s birthday is this week. Boobear has decided to help me make Great Granddaddy Jack’s birthday cake. His favorite cake is angel food, so that’s what is going to be made. Boobear also made him a little sword – you know, just in case of zombies.

My mother also moved to a new home this week. It’s the same price as the one bedroom apartment she was renting in our complex, but she gets a two bedroom house where she can have a cat, put up a bird feeder, feed the squirrels, and even have a small garden if she wants. It’s a quieter neighborhood where she can easily walk to my grandparents’ house, the dollar store, a small grocery/convenience store, the post office, and city hall. It’s nice and I’m happy for her.

In other news, Boobear started to complain about his Amish math. Oh, he still very much likes Spunky math – it’s the pages that are bothering him. I may use a combination of things to get him less fussy. I can understand why the pages are bothering him. Yes, they are black and white, which is good, but there are a lot of problems crammed onto each page now. He looks at it, and gets overwhelmed. I may go back to doing a great deal at the board and orally. In fact, I pulled out our Ray’s and discovered that he was all the way on lesson seven and eight, so we sat and did those on the Thai floor mat Papa Bear bought for us to sit on, with animal counters and out loud. We went through addition and subtraction up to eight, with some practice grouping, seeing that groups can be added (an intro to multiplication, which he found to be absolutely amazing), and seeing how many objects were in a group without counting, all in about fifteen minutes. We also practiced on the board writing to 20, counting forwards and backwards, and skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. He did very well, and when I pulled out the hundreds chart to see how high he can count, well, he’s doing just fine. (In other words, he can count to 100 or more with no issue if he has a chart, recognizes all the numbers, can write them, and it’s just his processing speed that slows him down orally counting.)

I also pulled out the McGuffey’s Primer to see how he’d do with it now. I’m going to keep going with Climbing to Good English – he likes it. But I may start sneaking in more McGuffey’s instead of so much work in Learning through Sounds. He will do it, no problem. And while I won’t let him stop practicing handwriting, I think we’ll be going to more work on the board and orally while being very selective about whatever work we do on paper, besides Pentime and copywork. Spunky may become a guide more than the program we follow, for example, for math. Just to make sure we hit what we need to. I’m going to see if highlighting will help – do just the highlighted problems, for example. Or even half one day and half the next. I don’t mind going super slow if needed.

And that’s a quick update on us right now.

Till next time,

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