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Curriculum Adjustments

Every so often, you just need to take a step back and look at what you’re doing. Is the curriculum you chose still working? Are the kids learning? Is it enjoyable yet challenging enough? And let’s not forget something else … Continue reading

Time4Learning So Far

So far, we’re greatly enjoying Time4Learning. Boobear is being able to easily navigate and is taking great delight in being able to do the little games himself. And he has no idea he’s actually doing “school” anything. I like the … Continue reading

Time4Learning Review

Over the next 30 days, I will be reviewing Time4Learning’s online education program. It can be used as a homeschool curriculum, an afterschool tutorial or forsummer learning. My opinion will be entirely my own, so be sure to come back and read about … Continue reading

Alphabet Book


Making an alphabet book by hand seems to really help Boobear get an idea that hey, these sounds really do mean things! Homeschool Share has a lot of nice printables to use to make a notebook like this, but there … Continue reading

Learning about the Body

shape person

So one of the big things Boobear needs to grasp is his body – what the parts are, where they are, and so on. I got printables from around the ‘net from websites like 2 Teaching Mommies and we hit the … Continue reading

Preschool Math Play

Math is one of the most important academic subjects that we can teach our children but it doesn’t have to be something that is dry and boring! Preschool math should be fun and relaxed while still teaching the concepts that … Continue reading

Calendar Time

In a regular preschool, there’s usually “calendar time”. I’ve also heard it referred to as “circle time”. Everyone gathers in a circle or around a certain area and participates in different activities. This might be looking at a felt puppet … Continue reading

Fourth of July Theme

Letter page

To help ease Boobear back into the habit of school, I thought a fun Fourth of July theme would be a great idea. He loves it! I got this theme from 2 Teaching Mommies. You’ll find that a lot of … Continue reading

Second Guess Syndrome

I’ve been suffering from what I call SGS – Second Guess Syndrome. Every homeschool parent knows about this syndrome. We search and we search for the best curriculum. We spend hours deciding what will be the best fit for our … Continue reading

Why do preschool at home?

My little boy loves to learn. He loves to be read to and to pretend to read. He enjoys helping around the house. He likes to pretend to cook and to help as much as possible when his father or … Continue reading

Curriculum Decided

So we’ve finally decided what curriculum we’re going to use for our son’s preschool. We had been planning to follow the nursery school lesson plans at Angelicum Academy but the more we looked at the program the more we felt … Continue reading