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Merry Christmas!

May you and yours have a wonderful, happy, and safe Christmas!

Asperger’s Dropped from DSM V

Asperger’s dropped? Yes it will be.¬†Asperger’s syndrome will be dropped from the new DSM V which is coming out in May. Instead of being a separate form of Autism, it will be folded under the umbrella of “autism spectrum disorder” … Continue reading

In the Wake of Tragedy

The recent shooting at a Connecticut elementary school has shocked the nation and even the world, as I saw pictures of support from people as far away as Pakistan who were holding a candlelight vigil for the children and teachers … Continue reading

Christmas Countdown

Boobear is all excited about Christmas. He just can’t wait! (As always – if you want to see the picture clearer, just click on it.) We’ve got our tree up.   And are doing a Santa countdown calendar (haven’t had … Continue reading

Mothers of Disabled Children

This was found in a Facebook group and someone sent it on to me. I feel the author did a fantastic job and, I think, captured perfectly what many of us wonder. For the record, I do not see my … Continue reading

Voting Lessons

Like most of the country, I sat and watched the election results on pins and needles. My son couldn’t have cared less and was happily snoring away in bed. But I did expose him to the election process in ways … Continue reading

Visual Reminders


Every kid can do with some visual reminders of things, if you have the room on your walls and feel like having it up. We actually have a spot on our living room wall where we have an alphabet caterpillar … Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

boobear and daddy

Wow, it’s been a LONG time since I updated! A lot has been going on – family being sick, work issues, you name it. I’ll be posting more on how homeschooling is going soon. Tonight was Halloween and that means … Continue reading


So it’s been quite a while since I posted here. A lot of things have happened in our lives and blogging took a backseat. With the new school year coming up very soon, time to get back into it! And … Continue reading

Long time, no see. Merry Christmas!

So it’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve updated here. All kinds of things have happened since August. A family member’s severe illness, husband becoming self-employed, car issues, you name it. Quite frankly, it’s been a nightmare. And let’s … Continue reading

Why do preschool at home?

My little boy loves to learn. He loves to be read to and to pretend to read. He enjoys helping around the house. He likes to pretend to cook and to help as much as possible when his father or … Continue reading

T-shirt Giveaway!

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Welcome to Homeschool Dreams!

Hello and welcome to Homeschool Dreams. This blog site will follow my family’s adventures through homeschooling, starting in prek (or nursery school, whichever you call it) and continuing through to high school. We have one son and are starting with … Continue reading