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Life Update

So, I’m back to full time work. That means it’s a little bit harder to squeeze in regular blogging with everything else. We’re trying to find our new normal. We’ll get there! So, how about some updates? Like I said, … Continue reading

Seeds and Caterpillars

It’s spring here in Georgia! Cool temperatures, beautiful sunny days, and before long it’ll be incredibly hot so we’re enjoying the spring weather while it lasts. To that end, Boobear and I have a couple of projects we’re working on. … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Silly Kitties

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Snow Day Fun

Where we live, we don’t usually get a lot of snow. At most, we might get a dusting of the stuff, which melts quickly and turns to ice. Not a whole lot of fun. But this time we got hit … Continue reading

Family Time

So, you all know this has been a rough year for us. To that end, this is going to be family week! We’ll be taking off this week for the holidays, so we can focus on the things that really … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up: 12/8-12/14

weekly wrap up

So we’ve had a busy week. We’re wrapping up lessons and switching over to hands on things like Miquon to keep the dreaded brain drain away, but everything will be light since it’s time for us to focus on family … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up 11/7 – When Things Just Don’t Go Right

Things are slowly but surely improving. One of the biggest challenges during all the upheaval has been Boobear’s autism. It’s been flaring and he’s bouncing from cuddly, to “don’t touch me!”, from chatty to grunting, and his emotions are all … Continue reading

Homeschool Workbox Ideas: Report Covers

homeschool workbox ideas

Keeping everything organized is a challenge in and of itself. It becomes even more difficult when you homeschool! I only have one child and keeping up with all of his work can sometimes be rather daunting. I honestly have a … Continue reading

Week 2 in Review

So, we’ve had our second week of “official” school. It went very well, and we had a good bit of fun. We worked on the 3Rs, read a lot of science, watched wild birds, and read a lot of history. … Continue reading

Back to Work – Week 1 in Review

There’s been some changes in our lives, evaluations of homeschooling, finding our footing as routines change…and so on. So what’s been going on? My grandfather was released from the rehabilitation facility on Christmas Eve. It was the best gift we … Continue reading

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Whatever You Celebrate!

Review – Udderly Smooth

The Mosaic Reviews team was offered a chance to review Udderly Smooth. These are fantastic skin care products that are gentle, effective, and work better than many other things we have tried. It’s even made in the USA! There are … Continue reading

Review – Hello Fresh

hello fresh review

The Mosaic Reviews team was given the chance to review Hello Fresh. This is a fantastic company and probably one of my very favorite reviews! We received a box from Hello Fresh to review recently. Here’s what we thought about … Continue reading