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We’ve found lots of resources to add to our homeschool with the CHSH Download Club from! Now, I have to be honest – this was one of those sites that I had dismissed as not being useful for our … Continue reading

Math Booboo

First of all, I apologize for the lack of regular updates. I’m working full time again from home, and still trying to find a rhythm to our day. I’ll get there! Right now we’re on break. But I want to … Continue reading

Review: Essential Skills Advantage

For the past few weeks, Boobear has been practicing his math and reading skills with the Complete Home Learning Suite from Essentials Skills Advantage. While he loves math, he needs practice learning his facts and from different angles to make … Continue reading

Review: Sunya Publishing – Adding & Subtracting Game

To help Boobear learn his addition facts, we’ve been playing a game from Sunya Publishing called Sunya – The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Adding & Subtracting. This is a new product that isn’t available to the public … Continue reading

Review: A+ Interactive Math – Math Mini-Courses

Recently Boobear has been working with Math Mini-Courses from A+ Interactive Math. The mini-courses that I chose from him are Place Value and Number Combinations and Tables, Charts, and Graphs. About the Program A+ Interactive Math is an online program … Continue reading

Review: Times Tales

Boobear loves math. Loves it. Next to science it’s his favorite subject. The Trigger Memory Co. was kind enough to give us a digital copy of Times Tales to use. Oh, how we love this program! What is Times Tales? … Continue reading

Curriculum Updates

I’m pretty sure that I mentioned at some point that we were switching things up with our curriculum. Gotta love asynchronous learners – right when you have them pegged, they make a huge leap forward in some way. Boobear is … Continue reading

First Grade – Week 4

Week four has been a lot of fun. We read and narrated from 50 Famous Stories Retold, Child’s History of the World, and the Burgess Bird Book. We covered our basics and added back in Learning through Sounds. While I … Continue reading

Review: Ann McCallum’s Beanstalk: The Measure of a Giant

I’ve been curious about using math stories to teach Boobear different concepts. The idea just appeals to me, so when the Review Crew was offered the chance to review one of Ann McCallum’s math stories, I grabbed the chance. The … Continue reading

1st Grade Curriculum – 2015-2016

Would somebody please explain to me how on earth Boobear is in the first grade? Well, on paper anyway. I don’t really believe in grade levels. I believe in ability. So on paper he’s in first grade. In reality…well, it … Continue reading

Review: Horizons 1st Grade Math

As part of the Schoolhouse ReviewCrew, I received a chance to review a level of Horizons Math by Alpha Omega Publications. We received the 1st grade math set, which is the teacher’s manual and two student workbooks. About Alpha Omega … Continue reading

Review: CTC Math

The Schoolhouse Review Crew got the chance to review CTC Math’s 12 Month Family Plan. I was curious, and hopeful, that this would be something that would work well for Boobear. So when I received the chance to review it, … Continue reading

Review: A+ Interactive Math

The Review Crew got the chance to check out A+ Interactive Math. Some members reviewed the Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan and others reviewed the Family Math Package. We were chosen to review the Family Math Package. I’ll … Continue reading