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Review: Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting

With his language disorder, Boobear has a hard time reading so I’m always on the lookout for something to shake things up. Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting from Everyday Education, LLC fit the bill. We received a pdf copy to review … Continue reading


We are so excited to share with you about four new books brought to you by Carole P. Roman and   The books are: If You Were Me and Lived in… Elizabethan England (An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time) (Volume … Continue reading

Review: The Cat of Bubastes

We’ve been listening to the newest radio drama from Heirloom Audio Productions called The Cat of Bubastes! This is a book I’ve been wanting to get to read to Boobear but haven’t bought yet, so I love the fact we … Continue reading


Boobear has had a good time sending and receiving his own emails with the Annual Subscription from As part of the Review Crew, we received an annual subscription. I set up an email for Boobear and have been messaging … Continue reading


We have been supplementing our studies with worksheets from the Help Teaching Pro Subscription from We received a pro subscription as part of the Review Crew. is a huge site that is full of things that make teaching … Continue reading

Review: Getting Started with French

We are exploring a new foreign language curriculum, Getting Started with French from Armfield Academic Press. I took French in school and always enjoyed it, though I wasn’t able to practice it very much after I was done with the … Continue reading


We’ve found lots of resources to add to our homeschool with the CHSH Download Club from! Now, I have to be honest – this was one of those sites that I had dismissed as not being useful for our … Continue reading

Review: Can Do Cubes

  Boobear loves practicing his spelling and phonics with Can Do Cubes from These little wooden cubes from just2ducks LLC came with a CD-Rom and DVD. These have things like the Teacher Guide and the phonetic sounds that you … Continue reading

Review: FlipStir Puzzles

Boobear enjoys puzzles, so I jumped at the chance to review the FlipStir Puzzles from Enlivenze LLC. We received the Solar System puzzle, which is perfect since we’re currently studying astronomy. It’s a great way to help enforce facts about … Continue reading

Review: Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids

We have been using the Starter Set 1 from Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids to learn Spanish. There are a lot of Spanish-speakers in our area, and I feel it’s a good language for Boobear to learn. The Starter … Continue reading

Review: ArtAchieve

Boobear loves art, and lately he’s been using the lessons from the Entire Level I of ArtAchieve. Let me tell you: this is one happy mama and kiddo! First off, let me tell you I’m no artist. I make stick … Continue reading

Review: Patriotic Penmanship Transition (manuscript to cursive)

To add some variety with our handwriting, we’ve been using Patriotic Penmanship Transition (manuscript to cursive) from Laurelwood Books. This is a great handwriting book for an up-and-coming second grader, though I think it could be used with any grade. … Continue reading


It’s easy to make lesson plans for the upcoming year with My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) from I was recently given an annual membership to try as part of the Review Crew and I have to say, I … Continue reading