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Review: Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth by

  I was given a DVD to review as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. The DVD we received is called Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth by It’s the third in the Illustra Media … Continue reading

Owl Unit Study

We recently read “Why Mr. Great Horned Owl Hatched the Eggs” from Clara Dillingham Pierson’s Complete Among the People Series. This is part of both our moral stories and natural history. It’s what I used to replace Parables of Nature … Continue reading

First Grade – Week 2

Well, we finally have finished what I’m satisfied with calling week two. Yes, it took a while and it was spread out, but we had good reason! And we did some things that counted as “school” over the time period. … Continue reading

1st Grade Curriculum – 2015-2016

Would somebody please explain to me how on earth Boobear is in the first grade? Well, on paper anyway. I don’t really believe in grade levels. I believe in ability. So on paper he’s in first grade. In reality…well, it … Continue reading

Review: Animals and Their Worlds ~ Final Thoughts

winter promise

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted about this program. I do apologize for that, but health issues and some other things got in the way. So, onto our final thoughts about this program from Winter Promise’s sister company Spirited~Autumn~Hope! … Continue reading

Review: Funtastic Unit Studies

As part of the Review Crew, we received the book Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers by Susan Kilbride to review. She’s a homeschool mom who has a degree in biology and saw a need for such unit studies. … Continue reading

Where to Do Nature Study

Several times lately I’ve seen folks in Facebook groups asking just where they are supposed to go to do nature study. They say they don’t have the ability to drive out to fields or lakes, they live in town or … Continue reading

Blackberries and Friends

It’s nice to find people who you can enjoy being around. We were invited to visit some friends and pick some blackberries. We originally intended to stay only long enough for Boobear and their son to play a bit and … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Japanese Beetle

Review: Homeschool Legacy Forest for the Trees Unit Study

The Review Crew had the chance to review Once-A-Week unit studies from Homeschool Legacy. We received the Forest for the Trees study. The unit study is for grades 2-12, but is easily adaptable if you have younger children tagging along. … Continue reading

Review: Animals and Their Worlds – Week 2.5

winter promise

So, we’ve been reviewed the Woodland Critters module of Animals and Their Worlds from Spirited~Autumn~Hope, a sister company of WinterPromise. While I’ve had the program longer than 2.5 weeks, we were down with a nasty virus, it iced up badly and we don’t normally get that around here so we were all hunkered down, and Boobear has decided to go and fall in love with this program. So we’re also moving much slower than I expected in order to satisfy his curiosity to, as he says, “know all the things!” Continue reading

Review: Visual Learning Systems

visual learning systems

We love science in our house. I think Boobear and I could honestly do science every day, all day, quite happily. So when I got the chance to review Visual Learning Systems with the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I jumped at … Continue reading

When Science Worksheets Are Helpful

I hear a lot of people saying how much they hate worksheets or how worksheets are never useful. While I agree to an extent, I have to admit that they have come in handy with Boobear. Perhaps it’s his challenges, … Continue reading