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Snow Day Fun

Where we live, we don’t usually get a lot of snow. At most, we might get a dusting of the stuff, which melts quickly and turns to ice. Not a whole lot of fun. But this time we got hit … Continue reading

Review: Animals and Their Worlds: Woodland Critters

winter promise

I fell in love with Winter Promise’s program “Animals and Their Worlds.” I’ve looked at their programs over and over again, nearly drooling myself to death each time. I love the ideas behind them, and I honestly believe that Boobear … Continue reading

Insect Unit Study

Last year, Boobear became utterly obsessed with all things creepy crawly. Spiders, bugs, roly polies, whatever – he loved it all. And you know what? After tons of books, videos, and nature studies – he still does. If he could, … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up 11/7 – When Things Just Don’t Go Right

Things are slowly but surely improving. One of the biggest challenges during all the upheaval has been Boobear’s autism. It’s been flaring and he’s bouncing from cuddly, to “don’t touch me!”, from chatty to grunting, and his emotions are all … Continue reading

Nature Study, Week of October 13

No matter how complicated or stormy life gets, nature is one thing that is always there. Whether it’s watching a storm and talking about lightning, cloud watching, or chasing a butterfly, there is always something going on. It’s one thing … Continue reading

Learning Science with a Shrinking Seahorse

As I was researching the different methods of homeschooling, one thing that always stood out was the way veteran homeschoolers would say, “Learning happens everywhere, all the time.” I took this statement to heart, and I have found that it’s … Continue reading

Free Blogger Opp – Fabulous Science Curriculum!

blogger opp

    Sponsored: Groovy Lab in a Box Hosted: The Squishable Baby   Free Blogger Opp! We are giving away a very valuable 1 year subscription to Groovy Lab in a Box. The winner will receive fabulous STEM experiments each … Continue reading

Evan-Moor Science: Learning to Be a Scientist Week 1

Science is a big thing in our homeschool. I pull from everything. We do hands-on stuff, read lots of books, watch videos, do nature studies, follow whatever Boobear’s interested in, you name it. At the same time, I like having … Continue reading

Rainbow Science

rainbow science rainbow star

So, yet again it’s been a while since an update. Life got busy and I was spending more time tweaking curriculum to suit Boobear than actually teaching it. So now that we’ve finished learning about South America, we’re abandoning the … Continue reading