Curriculum Updates

I’m pretty sure that I mentioned at some point that we were switching things up with our curriculum. Gotta love asynchronous learners – right when you have them pegged, they make a huge leap forward in some way.

Boobear is in the first grade, but working at higher levels. We’ve used unit studies for 3rd and 4th graders for example with great success and not much adapting, yet he’s still working on remembering how to spell his name. Not bragging – more like, does anyone else have this kinda thing going on? Any advice for keeping up with him?

So here’s our current curriculum lineup. Right now, it’s working wonderfully.

Reading: We’re practicing reading out of simple readers and the Treadwell Primer. Can you guess what he likes best? Hint: it’s the Primer.

Handwriting: We do a combo of Pentime and Printing with Pictures from Queens.

Phonics/English: We’re using Logic of English Essentials.

watermark2Math: A combo of Learning Numbers with Spunky and Miquon. We do Miquon a bit differently than we’re supposed to, but it works and he’s learning fast. Miquon is his choice whenever he gets the chance, and I’m tempted to let it be our main program after all.

History: I fell in love with the curriculum from A Mind in the Light and picked up the guide for Child’s History of the World. Boobear is doing very well with the narrations and enjoys it. A Mind in the Light really captures a lot of what I want to do with Boobear.

Science: This is very much child-led. Right now, we’re doing a unit and lapbook on birds. After that, we’ll crack open a public school textbook and do a unit on plants (right in time for spring!) Then we’ll do another unit, probably on amphibians. We add in living books, videos, and anything else that strikes our fancy and Boobear’s interest. And of course, nature study.

Art/Music: This we do the Charlotte Mason way. For art, we pick an artist and study the pictures, discussing them and just enjoying them. For music, we listen to a composer, talk about them, and just enjoy the music. Sometimes we add in art projects from Harmony Fine Arts year 1 or Artpac1 as desired.

That’s our official curriculum. It works, it’s fun, and Boobear looks forward to school which makes my life a lot easier.

Have you made any changes so far with your homeschool?


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