Exploring the Neighborhood

If you’ve been following, you may have seen me mention that we have moved. We’re no longer in a tiny apartment with noisy neighbors!

Nope, instead we have a cute little house in a very quiet area. My mama lives in the house next door. We can have a garden. There are woods nearby, a field, and a creek. We can easily walk to the dollar store, a playground, and a small store that has freshly made foods for sale (you know, for the times we’re naughty and want a pizza or cheeseburger.) We can even walk to my grandparents’ house!

Eventually, we’ll probably get a dog, much to Boobear’s delight. Fish are great, but not exactly cuddly.

We are still homeschooling, but formal lessons have been on the back burner as we get used to my new work schedule, unpack everything, and get all settled in. Not to mention, a certain little fella decided to make quite a leap in some ways academically, so I have to revamp to keep up with challenging him. I’ll talk more about that in another post.

Today we went for a walk to check out what we could find along our road. We found an old Christmas tree farm and spotted a spider busy at work in its web between two trees. We also spotted a mockingbird and a robin. Imagine! February 1st and we’re seeing harbingers of spring already!

I’m beginning to wonder if winter came all in one weekend. Even wasps are out!

watermark1Boobear was quite pleased that pine cones were here like they were at our old place. It’s something familiar that he knows, so he was quite happy about that. I think we’re going to have quite a lot of fun turning over every rock and poking into every nook and cranny we can find this spring and summer.

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