First Grade – Week 3

Okay, I’ll admit it – we’re behind. While the basics are getting done every day, the extras aren’t always. This is why having a loop schedule makes me very happy (and not dating the planner! Argh, no dates!)

You can thank a new job, Papa Bear changing jobs, putting out a book, and my depression disorder for it. Sorry. Real life sometimes likes to bite us in the butt.

But here we go! Week Three!

This week, we did a good deal of nature study – mainly with the ants we spotted outside moving their nest, and centipedes that keep creeping into the apartment. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind creepy crawlies generally – but I’d prefer they stay outside. And not creeping into my hair!

We talked about the planets and solar system. We played some games on NASA’s site for kids.

We added in Climbing to Good English level 1. I wanted the extra phonics practice, and Boobear enjoys working with Cliff the Puppy who is on every page. It’s from the same folks who make his Spunky the Donkey math and it works for him quite well. He’s very proud of himself that he’s able to do things now he wasn’t able to just six months ago.

We read from Our Island Story and learned about how Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 55 BCE – and how all he got was a beach. Boobear was very impressed at how the British defended their country against the Romans. I really like that we’re studying more than one strand of history – he’s able to pick up different “pegs” and see how they connect, and sometimes we come across something and he goes “I know that place!” or “I know him!”

He made a timeline card and a narration page. I’m not sure how the steam ship relates…but he remembers when he looks at the card, so I guess that’s all that matters!

We listened to Brahms and discussed the composer. We studied a painting by Corot and Boobear is getting better and better at picture study. Then in place of our lesson from ArtPac 1, he asked if he could make a reindeer ornament for our tree this year. Naturally, he painted!

watermark8 watermark5

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