First Grade – Week 4

Week four has been a lot of fun. We read and narrated from 50 Famous Stories Retold, Child’s History of the World, and the Burgess Bird Book. We covered our basics and added back in Learning through Sounds. While I love our Reading Kingdom, he’s ready for more phonics and so far, he’s doing very well.

I also discovered something – the real reason Boobear loves black and white pages. It’s so he can doodle all over them or color in the pictures. Soon as he’s done with his handwriting – he’s coloring the little picture. In math, he’s doodling as he works, which makes him happy and makes a longer lesson than I’d like to keep with Charlotte Mason ways, but he’s not overly stressed, so I guess it’s okay.


Plus it gives me time to finish things like folding the laundry.

He steals the basket immediately of course.



We watched a documentary about the finding of King Tut, simply because it was there, we’ve read a book on it, and Boobear was interested. He loved it.

We also learned a bit more about Mesopotamia and made a map. Namely, how they wrote things down. Boobear has much more appreciation for our method of writing now. He also says he prefers writing on paper to writing on clay.

We used some leftover salt dough from our skulls we made to create a tablet. Then he used a stylus from an art kit and wrote his initials in cuneiform. I think I’ll keep that tablet for a good long while. He’s quite pleased with how it came out.




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