Life Update

So, I’m back to full time work. That means it’s a little bit harder to squeeze in regular blogging with everything else. We’re trying to find our new normal. We’ll get there!

So, how about some updates?

Like I said, I’m working full time from home. It isn’t easy. I work in the early mornings (think getting up at 5:30 am) in order to be done by noon. Then occasionally I work an hour or two in the late evenings.

This gives us time in the early afternoon for our schoolwork. Boobear seems to do better in the early afternoon, after he’s had all morning to play.

Papa Bear has discovered a love of photography. I bought him a DSLR camera for his anniversary gift, and he’s been putting it through its paces! Between that and his Youtube channels, I can see the possibility of him being able to work from home in the future.

Now on to Boobear…would you believe he’s eight years old now? May 1 was his birthday. I can’t believe how fast my boy is growing up.

photo 1

For his birthday, he got rather spoiled. He got the Wildcraft game, a plastic sword and shield, Lego Minecraft from his grandma, a book of Marvel superhero stories from his other grandparents (it’s a hit! And he’s reading it on his own!) and a new bike. He made sure to remind us he needs a helmet and padding, so we got him the works (not like we weren’t going to anyway, but he’s pleased with himself for knowing about bike safety.) We also got him a little horn, just in case.

photo 4

photo 5

Our butterflies are doing quite well! Four of the five have hatched. I don’t think the fifth one made it. We’re planning to release them today or tomorrow at some point. They’re so cute. Boobear has really enjoyed watching them grow up from little caterpillars to butterflies.

And that’s our main update! Not a lot is going on but at the same time, a lot is with the schedule change. If that even makes sense (it does to me.)

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