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Minecraft! Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a fact that most kids seem to adore the game. I have to admit, I’ve played a bit myself and quite enjoy it. Boobear adores it. We have a deal – he can play Minecraft before lessons start as long as he hops off the game soon as he’s asked without complaint. Or he loses it the next day (and longer if he argues.) So far, the deal works. What’s even better is that I see things we’ve talked about popping up in his game. For example, Martian machines from The War of the Worlds or pyramids from Egypt, complete with hidden rooms. As we talk about ziggurats or castles, they inevitably show up in his game. It’s a win-win! I get to avoid the mess and clutter in a tiny space of an actual model which I’d end up doing most of the work on anyway and he gets to show off his gaming skills and feel proud of showing me a model of what he’s learned.

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Nothing encourages fun learning more than connecting games to educational lessons. Here are a few opportunities for Minecraft kids to learn new skills
using a game they already love:

Youth Digital Discounted on EducentsYouth Digital’s Server Design: Learn to Code with Minecraft – Don’t just play, create! Kids ages 8 to 14 will learn the basics of one of the most popular coding languages in the world as they modify real Java code to build their own Minecraft

Youth Digital’s Mod Design: Learn to Code with Minecraft – This is a Java class for Minecraft kids ages 8 to 14. Youth Digital’s online tech courses provide a safe, engaging learning environment for kids to master new technology skills.

Learn to
 Mod Discounted on EducentsMinecraft Coding Camp – In 4 weeks of this online afterschool camp, students in 3rd to 9th grade will learn the basics of coding through their favorite game.

Learn to Mod Minecraft – LearnToMod is a browser-based
software that teaches students how to mod the PC-version
of Minecraft®. Great for kidsages 6 and up!!

Hurry! Offers end October 1, 2015.

All of these programs are offered on Educents at a discount.
Click HERE to start shopping for your Minecraft kid.

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