10 Tools for Homeschooling That We Love

I’m no homeschool veteran. I only have one child and he won’t be five years old until May. However, I have homeschooled him ¬†since he was about two and a half years old. Gentle things, at his pace and based … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Wishing you and yours a very happy New Year! May 2013 be your best year yet!

Motivated Moms Scheduling Help

One of the most difficult things for me to keep up with is scheduling housework. Judging by the blogs and Facebook pages of some fellow homeschoolers, it seems that this is a very common problem. Is it really surprising that … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

May you and yours have a wonderful, happy, and safe Christmas!

Asperger’s Dropped from DSM V

Asperger’s dropped? Yes it will be.¬†Asperger’s syndrome will be dropped from the new DSM V which is coming out in May. Instead of being a separate form of Autism, it will be folded under the umbrella of “autism spectrum disorder” … Continue reading

Increased School Hours

One reason I really like the idea of homeschooling is that it doesn’t take all day. My son’s prek takes about an hour. Sometimes it’s a little more and sometimes a little less, depending on what we’re doing and his … Continue reading

In the Wake of Tragedy

The recent shooting at a Connecticut elementary school has shocked the nation and even the world, as I saw pictures of support from people as far away as Pakistan who were holding a candlelight vigil for the children and teachers … Continue reading

Christmas Countdown

Boobear is all excited about Christmas. He just can’t wait! (As always – if you want to see the picture clearer, just click on it.) We’ve got our tree up.   And are doing a Santa countdown calendar (haven’t had … Continue reading

Mothers of Disabled Children

This was found in a Facebook group and someone sent it on to me. I feel the author did a fantastic job and, I think, captured perfectly what many of us wonder. For the record, I do not see my … Continue reading


So, I was given the chance to try out Time4Learning with my son. While we haven’t been able to do it every day like I had planned, he has done several of the prek units available. He loves it. Now … Continue reading

Fine Motor: Glitter Dots

If there’s one thing my son has, it’s some delays with his fine motor skills. He started going backwards at 18 months so we went from being able to do up zippers and buttons to well…not. Now we’re back to … Continue reading

Curriculum Adjustments

Every so often, you just need to take a step back and look at what you’re doing. Is the curriculum you chose still working? Are the kids learning? Is it enjoyable yet challenging enough? And let’s not forget something else … Continue reading

Time4Learning So Far

So far, we’re greatly enjoying Time4Learning. Boobear is being able to easily navigate and is taking great delight in being able to do the little games himself. And he has no idea he’s actually doing “school” anything. I like the … Continue reading