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The Review Crew got the chance to check out A+ Interactive Math. Some members reviewed the Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan and others reviewed the Family Math Package. We were chosen to review the Family Math Package. I’ll tell you a little about both, and what we thought of the Family Math.

A+ Interactive Math

This program is designed to be a multi-sensory teaching program that teaches students math from Kindergarten to Algebra 1. Each lesson uses audio, visual, and hands-on to teach. It’s designed for both large and small families.

Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan


This is a plan for those who are worried about gaps in their child’s math education. Mini tests can be given that are based on skills that should be mastered at whatever grade level you choose. The program then creates an individualized lesson plan to bring those weaknesses up and strengthen overall math skills.

Family Math Package


This is the package we received. I set it to first grade for Boobear.

This version of the program gives a family access to all grades, from K to Algebra 1. Packages are based on family size. Each level has lessons and a recommended order in which to do them, worksheets that can be printed, exams, instant grading, and interactive reviews. A parent is able to adjust the grade level of the child at any given time as needed to provide more or less challenge.

It was very easy to set the program up. Boobear has his own login and is able to see his profile or get right to work on his math. When a lesson is launched, the program opens in a new window, so there’s no worries about the child accidentally clicking off the program and ending up somewhere he’s not supposed to be (ahem, Minecraft.)

Lessons are interactive and animated. Boobear liked that there was someone talking to him and he liked the animations. The instructions were easy for him to understand. At the top, there is the completion date and what he scored, making it easy to see exactly how he did. The only problem we ran into was that he took an interactive quiz, did wonderful on it, but hit the next button instead of hitting the frog to submit the lesson. I actually didn’t see where the frog said submit, and was right behind him folding clothes, so didn’t catch it at first. This was discouraging for him, but he plowed through again and it was all fine. And now he knows what the word “submit” means and that you don’t always just hit “next!”

There are lesson plans that can be printed out if desired. These help keep kids and parents on track. Printables are also available that provide the worksheets that may be needed for extra practice or for records. Reference sheets and exams can also be printed.

There are also ebooks! There’s a full curriculum text, solutions to the worksheets and solutions for exams.

There’s even an option to do exams and worksheets online.

Grading is immediate. Which is nice for both parent and child to see exactly what’s what. Parents can lock the solution guides to remove any temptation to cheat, there are progress reports available, and the option to input any scores for work that was done offline.

My Final Thoughts

I like the program. I find it easy to use, with clear explanations and plenty of options for any kind of learner. Boobear is less enthusiastic, but that might be because it was actually challenging him and he’s lately taken to preferring to work on the whiteboard. I would recommend this program to any family who needs a bit of help with math.

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A+ Interactive Math Review

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