Review: Animals and Their Worlds ~ Final Thoughts

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It’s been a bit since I’ve posted about this program. I do apologize for that, but health issues and some other things got in the way.

So, onto our final thoughts about this program from Winter Promise‘s sister company Spirited~Autumn~Hope!

I really like this program. While I would love to be able the full packages that Winter Promise offers, the PDF downloads from Spirited~Autumn~Hope are actually more than enough.

With this, I only had to have some baking supplies, pick up one book, and provide art supplies. That’s it. It was easy to substitute books as needed or skip something that was too young/old.

And in all honesty, the layout of the program is deceiving. On the one hand, it looks like a ton of work when you look through this huge PDF file. But it’s inspired by Charlotte Mason, so it can’t be too much, right? Right. It actually is a ton of information, designed as a buffet for a family to pick and choose what they want to use, and all in a way that is laid out smoothly.

There are so many activities it’s not even funny. It lines up well with the One Small Square – Woods book, and Boobear has been pointing things out that he spotted in the book. Leaves and plants changing, squirrels hiding things, decomposers like mushrooms – and all it’s done is lead to more questions. There’s just enough hand holding for the teacher to lead you to provide just enough guidance to the student for the student to really be able to dig into the information and make it his own.

The notebooking pages are fun. Boobear currently wants to do more notebooking, so it has spread now to history as well. (This is a good thing!) He wants more of the One Small Square books, is even more interested in watching what all is going on, and is interested enough that even a playground isn’t going to stop him from finding things. For example, at the park he was spotting mushrooms, squirrels, tent caterpillars, and then informing his daddy about how different things were working. What’s in the tree leaves to make them green, what bark does, the rings of a tree, what do beavers and porcupines eat and why aren’t there any here…he rather left his daddy’s head spinning.

The art activities we didn’t always do. Boobear simply didn’t want to. I can see them being fun for very crafty kids and families or maybe for slightly younger kids, but they weren’t for us. However, he loved making cookies in the shape of bear paws!

I can see us buying another unit to use for our science sometime. This is a great way to make nature study a bit easier and more directed for those who need it, but is also a great way to bring things together to create a literal unit – just add more books and such. There’s suggestions right there for you in the PDF! Throw in some math and you could easily have a year based around nature study and learning about the various animals and habitats. Not too shabby!

I also believe that this can be easily adapted for use, no matter what kind of homeschooler you are or where you live. With the use of documentaries and the internet, you can bring the animals you can’t see easily – like bears – and bring them right home. So many ways to adapt!

I would recommend these unit studies easily to anyone. I think the price is right for the info you get and the convenience. Plus, I think the layout, the guide, the notebooking pages, and the activities are all great. There’s something for every family here.

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