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product image_zpsabnfluqgBoobear loves art, and lately he’s been using the lessons from the Entire Level I of ArtAchieve. Let me tell you: this is one happy mama and kiddo!

First off, let me tell you I’m no artist. I make stick people look bad. That is just not where my talent lies. But Boobear loves art dearly. ArtAchieve is a program that lets anyone teach art to kids. It doesn’t matter if you have all the talent of a mud puddle. You can teach art and your kids will learn.

The art lessons are inspired by things from around the world, such as a dragon from China. Included are links to discover more about what the art project is all about. These links lead to related topics in language arts, social studies, and science. It’s a great way to sneak a little bit extra into an art lesson!

Now, keep in mind I have a child with special needs. He has trouble with his fine motor skills and sometimes his attention just isn’t there. These lessons? They held his attention the entire time. He was easily able to follow along and made art that he is proud of.

The lessons have a warm-up exercise that lets the child (or adult!) practice the different lines and get themselves ready to draw. I love this because I was easily able to point out the different lines to Boobear, who actually remembered them and is now happily pointing out different kinds of lines he’s using in his own drawings. There is a printable image of the completed drawing for reference. A power point presentation is included that has interesting facts about the project as well as step-by-step instructions, perfect for those who prefer reading to learn. There is also a video version of the lesson that walks you through step-by-step.

One thing I love is that there is a warm-up to relax you and help you get in the mind to draw – rub your hands together and put the warm palms over your eyes. I’ve caught Boobear doing this at random times “because it’s relaxing.” There is even a suggestion for drawing music. You can even find a list of all the needed supplies laid out right there for you.

Boobear preferred to use the video lessons. He loved the gentleman’s voice who taught the lesson, saying he was “soothing” and he loved being able to pause the video wherever he needed to. He followed along very well and never got lost or even frustrated, partly because it’s just that easy to follow the video and partly because it was emphasized that mistakes were okay. For my perfectionist, this was an important thing to hear from someone other than mama.

photo 7

Hard at work.

photo 9

Wales sheep – he insisted on this one and we didn’t have oil pastels, but he loves Bob the Sheep. Sheep are starting to pop up all over the place in his notebook…

photo 8

A Czech cat. Apparently, it’s from Pluto.

This is a fantastic program, in my not so humble opinion. I think it’s clear, easy to use, and fun. Boobear loves it. We will be buying the other levels when he’s ready for them for sure! And Boobear isn’t the only one who is practicing using the drawings – our whole family is loving the program! I highly recommend ArtAchieve to anyone who wants to add art to their homeschool day easily and efficiently without a lot of hassle or worry about doing something wrong.

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Art Lessons for Children ArtAchieve Review
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