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cov K-3 1 002We recently got the chance to review the K-3 Book One elementary art program from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. I decided to review the program because Boobear dearly loves art, and I, frankly, can use all the help I can get teaching it to him.

The K-3 book is an introduction to the visual arts. It’s a thick, comb-bound book that has everything you need to teach art.

The book lists all the materials that you will need for the lessons. These are grouped into groups like drawing and painting. Groups are color coded and it even lists additional items you will need, such as masking tape or a glue stick.

The 36 lessons are divided into 3 units: What Artists Do, What Artists See, and Where We Find Art. Lessons are simple. For example, you will talk about what art is, what the child has done that could be considered art, and that the lessons will teach visual arts.

One thing that I love is that it includes picture study. For example, the first lesson has a painting by Pieter De Hooch. There are questions to go over with the child regarding the painting. There is also discussion about how the artist painted the picture. Each lesson has a painting to study.

Once the painting for the lesson has been studied, it’s time for the child to make their own project. They may be drawing, painting, or even using clay – whatever it is that the artist they just studied used. For example, in one lesson the artist painted a picture that they imagined, and the child uses watercolor crayons to paint something they imagine. In another lesson, the child makes his own still-life with water color crayons or he may use sketch paper and an ebony pencil to practice using space.

I find the lessons to be well laid out and well thought out. Each lesson is explained very well and the program is easy for me to teach. We can go over the painting or other artists’ work and discuss it. Then I get out the materials for Boobear to use and we discuss our project. There’s even instructions on how to use the materials like the watercolor crayons, which I find especially helpful.

Boobear loves the program. One thing that is nice is that he doesn’t feel like he’s comparing himself to any other children. While there are pictures of other children’s artwork in the book, I don’t have to show him that. He knows his work is different than the artist we studied, but he doesn’t compare himself to other kids, which is great with a perfectionist!

Boobear also finds the instructions easy to follow and he loves looking at different works and talking about them. He gets excited whenever I pull the book out and even asks for art on days we don’t have it scheduled. It’s even gotten him interested in doing his lessons outside!

Here’s a couple of pictures Boobear painted using watercolor crayons:



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ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review
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