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ESA_zpsfwe1b18hFor the past few weeks, Boobear has been practicing his math and reading skills with the Complete Home Learning Suite from Essentials Skills Advantage. While he loves math, he needs practice learning his facts and from different angles to make it stick. He just needs more practice in reading in general. Essential Skills Advantage (ESA) has been perfect for that.

What is ESA?

ESA is an online learning platform that has more than 14,000 lessons for grades kindergarten to sixth. Lessons include math, science, geography, reading, and language and grammar. ESA has been around for more than 15 years and has been used in schools and home schools. The curriculum is self-paced, so there is no pressure to beat the clock or keep to a certain schedule.

How It Works

The way that ESA works is very simple – sign up and sign in. You don’t have to keep track of grades or anything like that. It’s all done for you. You can see both the progress and the performance of every student you have. You can print completion certificates when a student finishes a level and you can print report cards that you can add your own notes to.

When you log in, you simply select your student, the grade and subject you want them to work in, and then which program. From there, select the unit you want them to work in. For example, Boobear needs practice with his addition facts and money. So I can easily select the unit for money and have him work through the various exercises.

What We Thought

I really like the program. For a busy work at home mama, this is an easy way to make sure that Boobear is getting exactly what he needs. At his age, it is not independent and I’m not sure I’d call it independent if he were older – I think it would depend on the child. However, I am able to set him up on the program and then fold laundry close by if needed without having to hover.

I find the program very easy to use, clear, and I love the reporting features. It’s easy to see exactly how he’s doing on the progress reports – how many he’s done overall, how many problems there are in total, and his scores. I really like that I can add notes to the report card and print it whenever desired. Plus, it’s a fun way to show certain family members the actual progress he’s making in his lessons.

What does Boobear think? It’s one of the programs he’s the most fond of. He really enjoys the fact that instructions are read to him. He’s not a strong reader yet, so having the instructions read to him is really helpful. He finds the program easy to do and he doesn’t get confused when he’s working on the various sections.

Another thing that I like about the program – you aren’t stuck in one grade level. If your child is on a kindergarten level in reading but a third grade level in science, then it’s fine to do exactly what they need.

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Essential Skills Advantage Review

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