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FS2-SOLSYS_Main-cut_hr_zpsf5gimhdeBoobear enjoys puzzles, so I jumped at the chance to review the FlipStir Puzzles from Enlivenze LLC. We received the Solar System puzzle, which is perfect since we’re currently studying astronomy. It’s a great way to help enforce facts about the solar system while having fun.

Each 3D puzzle is self-contained in its little jar. No loose pieces to hunt for! Our particular puzzle had 10 pieces. Using the attached wand, you simply use gravity to help you figure out how to move the pieces to create a picture of the solar system. Once you finish it, just shake it, stir it up, and solve it again. These puzzles are for ages 7 and up, but are great for adults too!

photo 7We love this puzzle in our house. It’s great for keeping Boobear’s hands busy while I read to him and I love that I never have to worry about any of the pieces going missing. (Can you tell that’s a rather big problem in our house?) I gave it a try and actually got frustrated enough to give up – not forever though. These puzzles are a lot of fun, but are a lot trickier than they seem. Boobear gets frustrated regularly, but he’s so proud every time he solves it!

Papa Bear…well, it took him less than five minutes to solve the puzzle. Hmph.

There are several different puzzles to choose from, so make sure you check out the other reviews and the Enlivenze LLC website to check them all out!

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