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I was thrilled when Forbrain – Sound For Life LTD sent me a package with their bone conduction headset! My hope was that this would really help Boobear with his speech. Provided he would tolerate using it of course.

Thankfully Boobear is pretty easy going and gave me little trouble. He doesn’t understand exactly what the device does, but guess what – his speech has improved.

So what is Forbrain? This is a device designed by Forbrain – Sound for Life LTD as a device that uses your own voice in order to boost your brain. Sounds wilse, doesn’t it? It trains the brain to be more attentive and can help with things like auditory processing, speech fluency, pronunciation, and more.

It’s a small, lightweight device that you charge by plugging into the computer. Since the volume is automatically set and doesn’t need to be changed for most people, you can simply turn it on and go. All you have to do is put it on and speak – that’s it. You hear yourself through bone conduction instead of just through the air like you normally do. It has a dynamic filter that blocks out noise so you hear yourself clear as a bell.

I do mean clear. I tried the device myself and I was really surprised not only at how I sounded but at how clearly I could hear myself! One way to use Forbrain is to read aloud something that you are trying to remember, in order to improve your short term memory. So I tried it while I was studying for my child development class. I was able to remember more much more easily than when I studied the way I normally do.

I also realized that I say certain words a little oddly. This might be where Boobear has picked up some of his bad habits. Oops.

Boobear didn’t like using the device. He didn’t want it over his ears, he didn’t like the microphone, and hearing himself so clearly made him nervous. But it only is used for 15 minutes a day for a child his age, so he hung in there and did it!

I noticed the first time we used it a surprised look on Boobear’s face as he heard himself clearly. He didn’t quite know what to think about it and it made him a little unsure. But soon I had him reading to me and I noticed something marvelous – he was correcting himself when he heard himself pronounce something wrong.

He heard his own mistakes better than he normally does, and was able to correct them immediately without having them pointed out. That made it so much easier to do a read aloud with him!

I have noticed since we started using the device that his speech has drastically improved. He’s slowed down so that his words aren’t slurred, his pronunciation has improved, and overall he speaks more clearly, even when he’s not using the device.

Boobear still isn’t a huge fan, but he does say that he “remembers what I read better” when he wears the device and reads aloud and he does feel that it has helped him “talk better.”

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

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