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GREEMU6_zpsdqjjspf2Lately we’ve been enjoying using GREEMU, a vegan alternative to emu oil by Devonian.

GREEMU is an all-nature, plant-based oil that was developed after two years of research to be a green alternative to emu oil. This beauty oil captures the power of plants to provide all the same benefits of emu oil, without the smell or the, for some people, troublesome use of an animal product.

So what is in GREEMU? Plant butter and plant oils. That’s it. You won’t find anything strange in here! What you will find is an amazing combination of shea butter, rice bran oil, sunflower seed oil, organic palm oil, and macadamia seed oil. Just five ingredients. This can be used nearly anywhere you have a need for a moisturizer or something to help the aging process. Fine lines and wrinkles? This can help. Got split ends that are driving you crazy or untamed hair that frizzes? Again, a dab of this oil and you’re good to go.

So how did we use this oil? Well, we used it in different ways for all three members of our family.

Papa Bear used it on his arms, where his skin often gets quite dry. He didn’t particularly like the feel of the oil, but he is often sensitive to the way lotions and oils feel. It did make his skin softer.

Boobear and I saw much more of a difference using the oil. I used it on my split ends and it helps tremendously. I also used it on a rash that I get on my upper arms that came from a reaction to a medication. I will most likely always have the rash off and on, so I’ve been looking for something that can help with it and, at the least, make it bearable and reduce the scarring it leaves.

Guess what? GREEMU works like a charm! Not only did it leave my skin soft, but it helped with the itchiness of the rash as well. I also feel that it helped a bit with the scarring that the rash leaves behind. My arms look much better and they feel better too!

I also used it on my forehead, where for some reason, I always have a patch of dry skin. Voila! Gone practically overnight. The oil absorbs quickly and I don’t find it to be too greasy or anything like that.

For Boobear I used a bit for his hair to help tame it. It worked and he didn’t complain about the scent nor did he say it felt heavy or anything else like he normally does with things I use for his hair. It also was very helpful for his eczema that he gets on his arms and his back. It cleared up quickly and there have been no nighttime visits just to scratch his back since we started using the oil!

It comes in a 4 oz bottle but you get your money’s worth. Just a few drops goes a very long way, so you’ll get plenty of use out of a small bottle.

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Greemu Devonian Review

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