the-blaze-ad-final-04-2_zpsref2jabaBoobear has had a good time sending and receiving his own emails with the Annual Subscription from As part of the Review Crew, we received an annual subscription. I set up an email for Boobear and have been messaging with him. He’s also been sending a message or two to his grandparents.

One thing that I really like about are the safety settings. You can set it to where the child cannot add his own contacts, can’t receive pictures, or even attachments. If you want, set up a filter to keep out messages with bad words or send a copy of the child’s email to the parent, so you can have a bit of extra monitoring.

There are also time restrictions which help keep a child from emailing his friends (or grandparents) at all hours of the night. You can choose to allow email only at certain times or even on certain days. For example, if you know that you need to be up early on Wednesdays to get school done before therapy (like us) then you can set it to make sure that no emailing can be done past, say, 5pm on Tuesday. This is especially helpful, I think, for a child who is easily distracted or sucked into something and has trouble getting his attention away from it.

Need to ground your child from emailing his friends? There’s an option for that too, so if you need to set up a few hours or a few days of no email, you can. This would work well for those who have tech stuff like email as a currency.

Another great feature? The email queue. This is where you can preview messages before they reach your child. Don’t like what was sent? Your child never has to see it, so you don’t have to then deal with the fallout. I think this is a great feature for protecting kids. I also think it’s a good way for us parents to see what is being said by and to our children so we aren’t taken by surprise by something later on.

Your child is not restricted to using the family computer to email either. There is an app that is available for just about all devices. So if your child has an iPod or an Android tablet, they can use the app to email their friends. You can still log in on any device of your own to set up safety settings and monitor the messages that are being sent.

You can get a free trial to to see if it will work for you and your family without having to use a credit card. A yearly subscription is only $38.95. You can also choose to pay by the month and it costs just $4.95 per month. The annual subscription gives you 12 months of access plus a free month and you can set up 6 email address. The monthly subscription allows you to set up 4 email addresses.

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