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27 Jan

We recently got the chance to review a great product through Educents. If you don’t know Educents, they are a great company that offers homeschool products at amazing deals and for all ages. Make sure you check them out!

preschool math gamesHow good a deal does Educents offer? Well, we reviewed the Kitty Cat Numeration and Ordering, part of the Preschool Rocks bundle. We received it as a pdf, so I just printed out the pages of preschool math games we wanted to try. The Preschool Rocks bundle costs only $29.99 and has 19 products included.  You’ll find everything from matching games to rhyming activities, nearly 1000 pages worth.

Retail price is $106. Educents is offering the bundle for 71% off, so $29.99. You can check it out further here.

So, what did we think about the preschool math games in the Kitty Cat Numeration and Ordering part of the bundle?

I liked that the directions were clear, the images were fun, and the games easy to play. Boobear loved that there was a cat, that the cat wore shoes, and he had no trouble playing the games. In fact, he got plenty of practice! The games have gone into the rotation for math games.

There are various activities in the printable pack. Counting to 30, practicing greater than/less than, practicing addition, and calendar activities.

The first thing we worked on was counting to five. I thought it would be a nice warm up. Boobear had to match the right domino picture to the right number. (Click the pictures to see them bigger.)

Next, we tried a game where he could practice addition using pairs of shoes. I really liked that there were options to use a plus and equals sign, or to say things like 1 and 3 makes 4. This gave him a little more challenge because he kept wanting to count individual shoes, but he enjoyed the game a lot, especially when he started trying to make up problems for me to figure out!

We also tried the greater than/less than game. In this game, Boobear had a game board that said “is greater than” or “is less than” and a place to put paw print cards. Each paw print has a number. So I could set it up to say “4 is greater than 2” and he could agree or disagree. What we did was use animal counters to “prove” whether the number sentence was true or not.

There is also the option of printing out game cards to fill out while doing this activity. While we didn’t do that this time, I can see it being a fun game for two or more kids to play together.

I’m quite pleased with the Kitty Cat Numeration & Ordering bundle we received. Boobear enjoyed it, and I highly recommend it as a fun way for younger kids to play with math. It was also easy on the ink so my printer didn’t complain! Check out the Preschool Rocks bundle and don’t miss this great deal!



2 Responses to “Review: Kitty Cat Numeration & Ordering”

  1. Amanda
    10:19 PM on January 28th, 2014

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so glad that your little one was able to both enjoy and learn with the activities!!! It makes my heart happy!!
    Mrs. Richardson’s Class

  2. Crystal
    1:35 AM on January 30th, 2014

    You did a wonderful job! He actually was trying to teach me with it!

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