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rwt_screen_zps4tufpcopLately Boobear has been having a lot of fun using Read, Write & Type from Talking Fingers Inc. He’s been greatly enjoying learning how to to type with this program. He even requests to use it outside of class time as part of his game time!

What It Is

Read, Write & Type is a reading program that includes word processing, keyboarding, spelling, and phonics. The lessons are presented as an adventure. An alien has stolen the letters from the keyboard, and two talking hands need help getting the letters back so there can be stories. Then the child goes through a series of exercises to not only learn where the letters are on the keyboard, but which finger to use and even practicing some reading.

How It Works

The program works by teaching the individual sounds that each letter makes. Each sound is connected to a letter on the keyboard, and each sound makes up part of a word. As children play the game and rescue the letters, they are making all kinds of connections between the sounds, the letters, and the keyboard. And it helps them learn how to read.

There are 40 lessons in total. The target age is 6-8, but it’s useful for any child learning to read, ESL learners, and those who are having challenges in reading. Many skills are covered – even punctuation! Children work at their own pace and the lessons only take about 15 minutes or so.

Boobear’s Thoughts

Boobear absolutely loves this program. He doesn’t even realize that he’s learning anything. To him, he’s a hero rescuing the letters so that there will continue to be some of the things he loves – stories. He loves the idea of the evil alien villain and laughs his way through a lot of the dialogue.


He was especially proud when he suddenly got a Certificate of Merit for rescuing four letters, learning their sound, and their stories.


My Thoughts

I honestly think that the program is genius. The things that Boobear has been learning – keyboarding, reading, phonics, and even the punctuation – are transitioning to other areas. His reading has improved and overall so has his handwriting since he is finally remembering to use punctuation.

He is easily frustrated, and that is often a real problem in our lessons. I see no frustration with this program. Boobear is very much a perfectionist and it can be very difficult getting him to do anything if he’s in a certain frame of mind or if something has frustrated him repeatedly. With this program, I see none of that. He happily bounces into the computer chair when I say it’s time for typing and he has even requested to do typing even if it’s not on the plans for the day.

He doesn’t see it as school at all. I love that he’s learning so much and enjoying every moment of it. I think this program would work for any student, no matter the age or the challenges they may have.

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