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the-cat-of-bubastes-front-cover_zpsdf1hyg7jWe’ve been listening to the newest radio drama from Heirloom Audio Productions called The Cat of Bubastes! This is a book I’ve been wanting to get to read to Boobear but haven’t bought yet, so I love the fact we were selected to review the radio drama. The story is by G.A. Henty, an author both Boobear and myself really like. We haven’t run across one of his stories yet that we didn’t like. Hearing it as a drama just makes it even better.

We received a physical cd set with the 2 hour long story on it. There are some amazing voice actors in this drama. For example, there’s John Rhys-Davies from Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings and Elizabeth Counsell from The Chronicles of Narnia. With a cast like that, you know that you’re going to be hearing a masterpiece.

We also received downloadable extras to go along with the story. We received an mp3 set of the story. This is perfect for adding to a device to take on a trip so you have a great book to listen to. We also received an ebook copy of The Cat of Bubastes. I love this because Boobear loves being read to and since he liked the story so much, I now have a copy of the book to read to him at bedtime. Another extra is the soundtrack as an mp3 file. There is a downloadable poster of the cast and, for those who want it, an inspirational verse poster with a Bible verse. There is a discussion and study guide, and a behind the scenes video.

The study guide really helps the parent come up with ways to discuss the story to make sure the child understands what he is hearing. There are listening questions to make sure the child is listening and understanding. There are questions that require a bit of thinking to answer. There are even vocabulary exercises to help with learning new words. There’s a bit of background information about the characters, information about Heirloom Audio Productions, and learning sections that help expand knowledge about the both the story and the real events behind it. For example, you’ll find a section that talks about the slaves in Egypt and the different roles they fulfilled, plus how they were treated. These were the sections that I found most useful and Boobear found to be very interesting.

I wasn’t planning on using the discussion questions, but ended up using them as a guide to talk to Boobear about the story. I was actually a bit surprised at what he retained and he came up with very good questions on his own about the story. His challenges make it harder for him to answer the questions about any story, but he did very well because he really enjoyed the story and he loved that we could simply backtrack if he needed it without any kind of trouble or mama’ s voice wearing out before we get anywhere.

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