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Scheduling. It’s the bane of my existence. Which usually means it’s exactly what I need to be doing. I’m not organized, except for a very few things. Certain things are totally organized, like my spice cabinet or my pots and pans. And heaven help the person who messes it up (unless it’s my little boy. He’s automatically forgiven.)

Other than that – organized chaos. I know where things are while everyone else simply gets lost. And I get things done. Even so, I tend to lose things sometimes, and after a few times of being buried under sticky notes, you start thinking that perhaps there is something that you could do a bit better.

I know that I need something better than a written paper and some sticky notes to get through homeschooling. Especially when you consider my husband’s classes he’s teaching, my own classes for college, and work. Plus there’s church, art classes, church events, trips to grandmama’s house, days dedicated to nothing except family time to sit around, play games, watch movies, and so on…need to squeeze in time for martial arts practice, workouts, cookie baking, bug hunting etc etc etc…

So I decided that a planner was absolutely necessary. Would come in very handy – as long as I remember to fill in the information! And there is the problem. With a plain old day planner, I don’t have room to write as much as I often do, nor is it “catchy”. Plain ol’ black and white just doesn’t hold my attention well enough.

But it could work and I could make myself use it. Now what about homeschool? A plain old planner for that too? But then that’s two to keep up with…not to mention I need something for my classes and we need a way to keep up with family events and so on.

Add to that the need to figure out something that my husband will easily be able to use. He has ADD and some days are better than others. More than one planner? Forget it. Won’t work with him. And since he’s determined that he’s going to help with schooling and around the house, we’ve got to have something that will keep his attention, be easy for him to use, and will do everything that we need.

And that is where the Well Planned Day planner comes into play.

I originally learned about the planner on Homeschool Giveaways. I thought it sounded great – a place for lessons, place for chores, shopping lists, and so on. So I entered the giveaway. Didn’t win. So I entered the second chance giveaway. Still didn’t win.

I told my mom about it. She took one look and bought me the bundle – the planner plus the gorgeous binder that goes with it that has space for IDs, pens/pencils, coupons, whatever. I can use the binder year after year and just get a new planner once a year. It was her contribution and a way to show her support of all we do. So kudos and thanks to my mama!

Well, I finally have my planner and I love it. It is not only useful but also beautiful. The binder zips closed and has a watercolor floral design. The planner has report cards, semester reports, chore cards, plenty of space for emergency contacts, room for my husband’s schedule, my son’s homeschool, my work, and my classes, places for Christmas cards and gift planning, menus, and so much more.

I haven’t even gone all the way through it yet. I love the catechisms it has. Covers the Ten Commandments with explanations of what each truly means, has encouraging articles, and the binder even came with index dividers that help make it even easier to use. The art in the binder is pretty but not distracting and makes the binder come alive instead of being just boring black and white.

I’m very pleased with it. I’ve already put the section that helps you budget for your bills (you list the bills, the amount, due date, and can make a note about them like if they’re paid yet) to good use. It’s nice to be able to just glance at it instead of going hmm…where is it on the calendar?

I think this is finally the planner that I can use to keep track of everything. There are places for notes for me, shopping lists that are perforated, menus (perfect since hubby is learning to cook and needs the menu planning!), love the semester reports and report cards, goals page, and so on. I can keep track of my college grades, my son’s progress, bills, church and so on. Very very happy with it.

I’ve also considered using Skedtrack for scheduling but I’ll probably never remember to log on and keep it updated. At least with the paper planner it’s right there. And it does so much more. But check out Skedtrack if you need something free, online, and that will automatically adjust your schedule if you miss a day.

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