Seeds and Caterpillars

It’s spring here in Georgia! Cool temperatures, beautiful sunny days, and before long it’ll be incredibly hot so we’re enjoying the spring weather while it lasts.

To that end, Boobear and I have a couple of projects we’re working on.

The first is we’re growing some plants from seeds. Right now we have some flowers growing in little pots – they’re finally starting to sprout! We’re hoping to be able to plant some vegetables as well and make a pallet garden, though I’d prefer to make a raised bed.

The problem making anything is money – a friend is giving us the seeds, but it costs money to get the stuff (lumber, dirt) to make a raised bed and pallets, while we might be able to find some for free, are harder for us to transport.

Money is always an issue, isn’t it? Right now, it’s an issue for us because I don’t have full-time work and I’m the main breadwinner. Working at home is a blessing, but sometimes it’s just one big headache.

But we’ll figure it out! We may even try growing things in some old tires previous tenants left lying around. Boobear and I are determined to have some kind of garden, one way or another.

We also have some new temporary residents – painted lady caterpillars! watermark2To say Boobear is delighted is an understatement. He’s made little backgrounds for the cups to make it more “homey” for the caterpillars (think trees with apples and cherries) just like we put a background on the fish tank. Right now they’re still busy growing but it won’t be too long before they start making their little cocoons.

And that’s our latest update! How’s your spring going?

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