Speech Therapy

One of the challenges that Boobear faces is his speech. While he can make himself understand to those in the family, people outside the family often have a difficult time understanding anything that he says. We’ve been working on it for a long time.

Words in isolation? He’s great. 100% So he didn’t qualify when we talked to the school about it.

So, since it was bothering him and I can only do so much because I’m not trained in speech therapy, we went private. Now we go to the rehabilitation center at the local hospital and he has speech therapy there, once a week.

It’s amazing already the difference we’re seeing in him. When they tested him, only 61% of what he said could be clearly understood. They weren’t surprised at the school’s saying he didn’t qualify – in fact, I’ve seen quite a few kiddos there for speech.

Boobear loves his therapist, which is important so that he will work with her. So far we’ve found that he has trouble with multiple syllables, drops the endings off a majority of his words, and shows signs of verbal apraxia. She hasn’t diagnosed it yet, but is suspicious of both that and auditory processing problems, something we’ve believed for years and labels he was given by another professional. At least we’re getting a second opinion, which I think is important now that he’s older.

He’s gaining confidence and even catches his own mistakes a lot now. One of his favorite things is to catch either Papa Bear or me saying something wrong so he can correct us.

We have homework to do every week regarding speech therapy and we make sure we do it! It’s a lot easier than I was expecting, and I find that it actually is a bit fun with the way we were shown to help him.

I am so pleased that we finally found someone to help him that he likes, understands kids, and who likes him as well. I think it’s really going to change a lot of things for him once he graduates speech therapy.


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