Update on Life

So I guess I should do an update on life and how things are going for us, as well as how homeschooling is going.

Boobear’s speech therapist has finally decided that yes, he has a mild case of verbal apraxia. She still doesn’t know what else is going on but she suspects that there is something more. She’s going to set him up for further evaluations, probably as early as next month. He’s still showing signs of improvement and is doing very well.

I started at a new college today! I switched over to Ashford University for a degree in English. Literature, English, poetry – it’s all a true love of mine. With the degree, I’ll be able to tutor from anywhere, teach homeschool classes, and maybe even teach overseas. I finally have a real goal and plan. Plus, it’ll make it just a tad easier getting published.

Papa Bear is still laid off from his regular job, so he’s working hard on his other projects. Plus, he’s just being plain awesome. He’s picking up the cooking and housework since I’m the main one working right now, to lessen the stress on me. He’s a real team player, in my not so humble opinion.

I’m still working full time, though I’m hunting for a job that’s a better fit. Here’s to hoping I can find one. Cross your fingers for me, people!

And homeschooling? Well, we’re back in the swing of things and it’s going quite well. I received some review products (you’ll hear more about those later!) that I just plain fell in love with, so I’ve already done some more tweaking. What can I say? I love to tweak everything.

And that’s our update! Bye for now!


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