Updates and Birthdays

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Well, as to what has kept me away except for all the reviews – we’ve had some changes in the household. Some various things have happened that kept me busy with real life and away from the blog. Getting back to normal!

It was also Boobear’s birthday! On the first he turned seven years old! 7! Where has the time gone? It’s just not right. Yesterday he was still wearing a onesie, I swear.

He asked for a Minecraft-themed Creeper cake. So we did the best we could – a chocolate cake, white icing, green sugar sprinkles, and chocolate to make the face.


Not the prettiest cake in the world, maybe, but Boobear loved it! He bragged about his cake, still is talking about it, and was super proud of having a cake like this. And that’s what matters – his being delighted about it. He didn’t care that it was just the face or that it was round. It was a Creeper, tasted good, and that was all he cared about.

Things are going to start getting back to normal around here. We’re finalizing plans for 1st grade coming up (based by age, not by ability!) and getting used to Papa Bear working outside the home again. Sometimes it’s day shift, sometimes night shift, so it’s proving to be tricksy adjusting the schedule, but we’ll manage.

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  1. My kids walked up behind me as I scrolled to your Google+ post and I hear “Hey, is that a Creeper cake!” They think it was pretty awesome. My daughter made a Stampy cake for her 10th birthday.

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