About Us

We’re just your average family. Okay, maybe we’re a little weirder than some, but hey, what’s normal anyway? We live in the foothills of the beautiful mountains of North Georgia, a place where small town meets rural and even in an apartment complex you’ll occasionally run into something like a fox or screech owl.


1410695_755297254486608_1971743221_oThere’s me, LilBearsMama, aka Mama Bear. I’m a work at home mama who planned to homeschool all along. I work as a writer and blogger as well as in social media. (Mainly Twitter – I love me some Twitter!) I’m your typical wanna-be novelist (if there is such a thing) surrounded by organized chaos that drives my husband insane. Add in gamer, reader, musician, animal lover and chocoholic and you almost have me. Just don’t forget my coffee and we’ll be just fine.



7017_101097226573284_7952485_nThere’s Papa Bear. My husband and best friend. We actually grew up together. He’s also a gamer, a talented musician, Youtuber and an incredible martial artist. More than that, he’s hilarious and has very interesting viewpoints on everything. He has Asperger’s Syndrome, which presents some challenges but is also very helpful in parenting Boobear.




prek activities proud boobearAnd there’s Boobear, the light of our lives. He has some serious challenges we’re helping him work through – high functioning autism, delay in expressive speech, fine motor/gross motor delays, audio processing problems, and anxiety. But he’s come a long way and we know he’ll go a lot further. He’s a perfectionist and our little 2E miracle.

So welcome to Homeschool Dreams – where we’ll share our dreams about homeschooling, our family, our future, and our son’s future. And maybe, you’ll share some of yours too.

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