Welcome to Homeschool Dreams!

Hello and welcome to Homeschool Dreams.

This blog site will follow my family’s adventures through homeschooling, starting in prek (or nursery school, whichever you call it) and continuing through to high school. We have one son and are starting with some prek lessons next month. Not more than he can handle nor more than he wants to do, as it should be.

And I’ll talk about the difficulties we come across in teaching him, mistakes we make or things we do great, scheduling conflicts with working from home or my husband’s new business, and so on. Hopefully, everyone can see they are not alone with whatever challenge they may come across.

I also plan to offer as much information and help about homeschooling as I possibly can. The site is still new, but as time goes on I will be adding information about the legalities of homeschooling, links to useful sites, curriculum (including free!) and much more. If I can, I eventually hope to be able to do giveaways.

So welcome to our journey! Glad you can come along.

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