Off the Rails – When Things Don’t Quite Go As Planned

These last few weeks of school I'm beginning to wonder why I ever bothered doing any sort of planning. Boobear has decided to take all my pretty plans and turn them on their head. I feel kinda like a train that has jumped the track and has no idea where to go. And you know what? That's totally okay. 1. He knows a lot more regarding reading than he was letting on. 2. He knows a lot more in handwriting than he was bothering to let me know. 3. He can actually spell quite a few words. How Read more [...]
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Wordless Wednesdays – Puzzles and Building

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Free Blogger Opp – Fabulous Science Curriculum!

    Sponsored: Groovy Lab in a Box Hosted: The Squishable Baby   Free Blogger Opp! We are giving away a very valuable 1 year subscription to Groovy Lab in a Box. The winner will receive fabulous STEM experiments each month. You can read about our box here. Our month-long study on catapults is so much fun and very rewarding. We are learning a lot about the experimentation and design process. Groovy Lab in a Box promises that no box will ever be repeated. So, its new learning Read more [...]
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Annnnnd….We’re Back!

Wow, it's been quite a while since I posted anything here. Life has been quite busy. Work issues, illnesses, and just life in general. I pretty much called school off and just went for summer break. I discovered two things: 1. Breaks with Boobear don't really exist. He doesn't stop. The only thing that does exist is a lack of book work and routine. 2. Lack of routine is a very. bad. thing. So we're still going to school year round, but on paper we're schooling from August 2014 to May Read more [...]
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Evan-Moor Science: Learning to Be a Scientist Week 1

Science is a big thing in our homeschool. I pull from everything. We do hands-on stuff, read lots of books, watch videos, do nature studies, follow whatever Boobear's interested in, you name it. At the same time, I like having some sort of guide. I don't stick right with the guide, but it gives me peace of mind knowing that we can deviate, chase a rabbit trail, and come back. Yes, we're learning all the time, but having that guide really makes me feel better! As I was looking for ideas for Read more [...]
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