Wordless Wednesday – Egg Hunting

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Curriculum Changes

I mentioned in my last post that I was redoing our curriculum. Now, it may seem silly, seeing as how we just started our school year this past January, but it became obvious fairly quickly that Boobear was simply bored. B.O.R.E.D. And while it may seem we do nothing but curriculum hop, Boobear is not a typical kid - and I'll mix/match/whatever it takes to make sure he's engaged, learning, and actually enjoying it as much as is possible. Now, Boobear keeps me on my toes. There is no way I can simply Read more [...]
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Rainbow Science

So, yet again it's been a while since an update. Life got busy and I was spending more time tweaking curriculum to suit Boobear than actually teaching it. So now that we've finished learning about South America, we're abandoning the Kindergarten Around the World curriculum. Not completely - many aspects will be rolled into other curricula - but it just wasn't working for Boobear. He wasn't as interested, groaned about it, and got confused with jumping around. I got annoyed at the tweaking needed. So Read more [...]
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Wordless Wednesday – Pokemon

The daughter of a friend sent this handmade Pikachu to Boobear. It and his teddy go with him everywhere. Happy boy!

IMG_1215e IMG_1214e

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Week 5 and 6 in Review

We've finished our study of North America. We'll start South America this week. Weeks five and six have been filled with unschooling (documentaries, games, building things, learning about the fish and snails we have, and so on). We've read some American history books. We also did the reading assignments and coloring page to finish up our North America study. Boobear seems to really have enjoyed Build Your Library's Kindergarten program so far. I also like it, though at times I am finding that Read more [...]
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