Updates and Birthdays

It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, as to what has kept me away except for all the reviews - we've had some changes in the household. Some various things have happened that kept me busy with real life and away from the blog. Getting back to normal! It was also Boobear's birthday! On the first he turned seven years old! 7! Where has the time gone? It's just not right. Yesterday he was still wearing a onesie, I swear. He asked for a Minecraft-themed Creeper cake. So we did the best we could Read more [...]
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Review: Homeschool Legacy Forest for the Trees Unit Study

The Review Crew had the chance to review Once-A-Week unit studies from Homeschool Legacy. We received the Forest for the Trees study. The unit study is for grades 2-12, but is easily adaptable if you have younger children tagging along. These unit studies are no-prep studies that even allow your children to earn Boy Scout badges. This particular study earns the Forestry Merit Badge. These studies are also compatible with American Heritage Girl. Everything you need is included in the study. There Read more [...]

Review: S is for Smiling Sunrise

As part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, reviewers were given the chance to review a book for the family. The book is an alphabet book called S is for Smiling Sunrise and is offered by a company called WordsBright. We were given a lovely, hardback book, a printed teacher's guide, and it all came with a CD. The guide offers suggestions, questions, and activities to help teach the alphabet to young children, K-3. There's also suggestions for Pre-K. The CD contains a song that goes through the whole Read more [...]

Review: Successful Homeschooling Made Easy

I recently received the chance to review Successful Homeschooling Made Easy from Stephanie Walmsley. I received the Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Course. I started homeschooling when Boobear was about 3 and a half. At first, I felt bad about it - what was I doing wrong since everyone was telling me he was too little, let him play in the dirt, stop it? I wasn't pushing him - I was desperately trying to keep up with him. Thank goodness for family who said "You know him. Trust your instincts Read more [...]
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Review: Real Life Press – Lapbooking Made Simple

I was offered the chance to review the book Lapbooking Made Simple from Real Life Press recently. Since we've already done several lapbooks, I wasn't going into this thinking that I would learn how to make a lapbook. Instead, I was hoping to find some new ideas and new inspiration, as well as something that I could point other people to who might like to try lapbooking. Imagine my surprise when I instead found some great ideas, great tips, and some nice printables! Who's Real Life Press? Heidi Read more [...]