Weekly Wrap Up 11/7 – When Things Just Don’t Go Right

Things are slowly but surely improving. One of the biggest challenges during all the upheaval has been Boobear's autism. It's been flaring and he's bouncing from cuddly, to "don't touch me!", from chatty to grunting, and his emotions are all over the place. It's a challenge, to be sure, but we're getting there. It's seemed lately that nothing wants to go right. While school has sort-of taken a backseat during this time, it doesn't mean we've done nothing! I've managed to get a new contract position Read more [...]
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Wordless Wednesday – Ready for Halloween!

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Wordless Wednesday – A Boy and His Dog

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Nature Study, Week of October 13

No matter how complicated or stormy life gets, nature is one thing that is always there. Whether it's watching a storm and talking about lightning, cloud watching, or chasing a butterfly, there is always something going on. It's one thing we can always count on, even if we haven't gotten to our history or art study. Boobear loves it. He doesn't consider it school, even if we're carrying a book around to help identify a flower or insect. As far as he's concerned, it's nothing but fun. This week Read more [...]
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Giveaway! Groovy Lab in a Box

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Just an Update

Just a quick update for you all.

I don’t have a lot of pictures to share – later this week I’ll share some from our nature studies we’ve been doing. School has mainly been the bare basics – some reading practice, math games, etc. We’re going through some tough times financially and have some illness in the family, so fun projects have gone by the wayside for the moment.


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Learning Science with a Shrinking Seahorse

As I was researching the different methods of homeschooling, one thing that always stood out was the way veteran homeschoolers would say, "Learning happens everywhere, all the time." I took this statement to heart, and I have found that it's actually pretty easy (sometimes) to slide in a lesson or two here and there. A friend gave Boobear a seahorse like out of this pack: Pack of 7 Multi Colored Growing Silly Sea Horses. The seahorse grows when left in water, shrinks as it dries, and will turn Read more [...]
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Off the Rails – When Things Don’t Quite Go As Planned

These last few weeks of school I'm beginning to wonder why I ever bothered doing any sort of planning. Boobear has decided to take all my pretty plans and turn them on their head. I feel kinda like a train that has jumped the track and has no idea where to go. And you know what? That's totally okay. 1. He knows a lot more regarding reading than he was letting on. 2. He knows a lot more in handwriting than he was bothering to let me know. 3. He can actually spell quite a few words. How Read more [...]
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Wordless Wednesdays – Puzzles and Building

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