When Science Worksheets Are Helpful

I hear a lot of people saying how much they hate worksheets or how worksheets are never useful. While I agree to an extent, I have to admit that they have come in handy with Boobear. Perhaps it's his challenges, or maybe just the way he is, but they tend to be quite helpful with teaching him. Let's take science for example. Do I need to ever use a worksheet to teach? Nope. In fact, I often don't. I find doing something with the hands, with art supplies, or simply discussing to be quite effective. Read more [...]

Review: Koru Naturals

I got the chance to review a couple of products from Koru Naturals as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. I have to say, these rank up there in some of my favorite products I've ever gotten the chance to review! I received a bottle of Emu Oil and a 4-pack of Pure Lanolin Lip Balm. Koru Naturals is a company that sells amazing, all-natural products from New Zealand. There's are products for your skin, hair, and even chapped lips. One of my favorite things about the company? They don't believe Read more [...]

Snow Day Fun

Where we live, we don't usually get a lot of snow. At most, we might get a dusting of the stuff, which melts quickly and turns to ice. Not a whole lot of fun. But this time we got hit with a bit of snow that stuck around long enough to have a bit of fun. So Boobear and I bundled up and out we went! We threw snowballs, made a little snowman, checked out bird tracks and what the birds were doing, the pine trees, investigated the ice we found on the bicycle or the icicles hanging from everything, Read more [...]