Insect Unit Study

Last year, Boobear became utterly obsessed with all things creepy crawly. Spiders, bugs, roly polies, whatever - he loved it all. And you know what? After tons of books, videos, and nature studies - he still does. If he could, the ONLY thing he'd study would be insects. He's even wanting to do a unit study that's technically way above his level, simply because it's insects. "The Insect Folk" might be one of his favorite books of all time. So when I found Hands of a Child's Insect unit I was hoping Read more [...]

Angry Birds Clip Behavior Chart

Let me start off by saying - Boobear is a good kid. He has a lot of challenges, but he's one good kid. We honestly don't have a lot of trouble with him. Yet there are times when everything becomes a challenge and it seems that the only thing out of our mouths is something negative. We don't like that, so we've been searching for something that will help us show him when his behavior is not acceptable, but keeps us from having to constantly say "no" or some other negative thing. Sticker Charts These Read more [...]

New Year, New Plans

First off: Happy New Year! I hope that 2015 is a great year for you. So, new year, new plans. We're still trying hard to find a schedule and routine that suits our family the best. Both Papa Bear and I are nightowls naturally, yet Boobear will be up early no matter how late he stays up. We've tried letting him stay up with us - he was still up by 7 AM. If he sleeps in till 8, it's wonderful! He does sleep more soundly now that we've added some light blocking curtains to his room, so we will have Read more [...]

Family Time

So, you all know this has been a rough year for us. To that end, this is going to be family week! We'll be taking off this week for the holidays, so we can focus on the things that really matter. We've made a few cookies, are going to make gingerbread for the family dinner, and we're all looking forward to spending time with those we love. So there won't be updates for a bit, but we'll be back! After our holiday break, I'll share with you our behavior management program we're going to try (that's Read more [...]

Meet Jelly the Spider

You know the Elf on the Shelf tradition? Well, that doesn't happen here. Boobear finds the elf to be incredibly creepy. Tear inducing, hide under a blanket, lock self in closet creepy. (Honestly, I find it pretty creepy too!) But he still thought the idea was interesting. So this year, I decided to try and recreate some of that holiday magic, just in a way he could accept. To that end...Meet Jelly! Here he is hiding in a little bowl of silk flowers. Jelly is a beanie baby type toy, super Read more [...]