2016 – 2017 Curriculum Choices

Just a week and a half before we start back, I’ve finally narrowed down our choices for curriculum. Not cutting it too close, right?

I tried to take Boobear’s preferences into account. He likes the Amish programs because he knows exactly what he’s going to do, it’s logical, and everything is laid out. Plus, he’s learning with them. All good.

But he also wanted more hands-on things. He wants to make things, do crafts, and do experiments. So I tried to work that in too.

I kinda feel like this past year was a bust, because I had such a hard time being consistent with everything and we ended up focusing mainly on just the 3Rs. Which really is fine, I know, especially since he’s so young. But we jumped about a bit too much trying to find something that suited him. I plan for this year to go much better. I was even able to figure out how to plan my work schedule for the month to give us time for these hands-on activities.

So, here’s our lineup for the coming year:

Reading/Phonics – The Amish Learning Through Sounds program. We’ll continue this and then transition into Pathway Reading. We should be into the Pathway program in just about three weeks.

Language Arts – Again, we’re going Amish here. We’ll be using Pentime for handwriting. For English, we’ll be using Climbing to Good English Level 1.

Math – Amish again! This has been an area we really struggled with finding a good fit and Boobear has chosen this traditional program. He learns well with it and is mastering his addition and subtraction facts quickly. So we’ll stick with Learning Numbers with Spunky then move into the next level when we get there.

Science, History, Geography, The Arts – These are going to come from a new program I ran across called Layers of Learning. I bought a full year of the program and it looks fantastic. It’s a hands-on, unit study approach that can be used for multiple years. For example, as you study the Egyptians, you also study the Nile, maps, Egyptian art, and so on. It looks wonderful to me and I’m sure that Boobear will love the hands-on aspects of it!

And that’s it. We’ll throw in some good books, documentaries, and nature study with some Charlotte Mason methods and call it all good.

I think we’re going to have a great year.

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