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We’ve found lots of resources to add to our homeschool with the CHSH Download Club from! Now, I have to be honest – this was one of those sites that I had dismissed as not being useful for our … Continue reading

Solar System Model

Recently Boobear has gotten very interested in space. Not surprising in this family! He asked his grandmother to buy him a pack of little foam craft balls. She did and we were expecting him to do something with them that … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Butterflies!

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Seeds and Caterpillars

It’s spring here in Georgia! Cool temperatures, beautiful sunny days, and before long it’ll be incredibly hot so we’re enjoying the spring weather while it lasts. To that end, Boobear and I have a couple of projects we’re working on. … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Corydora

Review: Rainforest Journey by EdTechLens

As part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, we were given the opportunity to review Rainforest Journey by EdTechLens. We received a year-long subscription to the program for 1st grade. Who is EdTechLens? EdTechLens is a science curriculum for grades K … Continue reading

Last Snow

So winter gave one last gasp and gave us a little bit of snow. It wasn’t much, and it was gone the very next day, but it was enjoyed while it was here. Boobear and his daddy especially enjoyed it. … Continue reading

Curriculum Updates

I’m pretty sure that I mentioned at some point that we were switching things up with our curriculum. Gotta love asynchronous learners – right when you have them pegged, they make a huge leap forward in some way. Boobear is … Continue reading

Exploring the Neighborhood

If you’ve been following, you may have seen me mention that we have moved. We’re no longer in a tiny apartment with noisy neighbors! Nope, instead we have a cute little house in a very quiet area. My mama lives … Continue reading

Snow Day

We don’t normally get a lot of snow here. Usually we get a lot of cold, some wind, a good bit of ice, and a lot of slush. But a couple days ago, it snowed. I was able to get … Continue reading

First Grade – Week 4

Week four has been a lot of fun. We read and narrated from 50 Famous Stories Retold, Child’s History of the World, and the Burgess Bird Book. We covered our basics and added back in Learning through Sounds. While I … Continue reading

First Grade – Week 3

Okay, I’ll admit it – we’re behind. While the basics are getting done every day, the extras aren’t always. This is why having a loop schedule makes me very happy (and not dating the planner! Argh, no dates!) You can … Continue reading

How Nature Walks Help Communication

I’ve mentioned several times about doing nature study with Boobear. I’ve talked about where to do it, when, and so on. But I’ve never talked about the benefits. Sure, everyone gets outside. That’s a benefit – away from the screens … Continue reading