hp-logo-new_zpsvxgu2hpzWe have been supplementing our studies with worksheets from the Help Teaching Pro Subscription from We received a pro subscription as part of the Review Crew. is a huge site that is full of things that make teaching easier. There are worksheets and activities for grades Pre-K through 12. There are math and language arts worksheets, science worksheets, and even art, music, and physical education worksheets and activities. Need something for a holiday? You’ll find it here, for grades K-6, including writing activities. If you follow Common Core, you’ll find worksheets for both math and language arts.

There are online lessons that have embedded videos from places like Khan Academy. No more hunting for videos from that site! They’re right there for you. The online lessons are perfect for older students who are self-directed learners but the video lessons are quite effective for younger students as well. Boobear did some of the first and second grade math videos and really enjoyed them. We focused mainly on geometry and measurement. The online lessons tend to be about 15-30 minutes long so they are long enough to learn from but not so long that a student will zone out.

Boobear also did a bit of the phonics and other language arts lessons that are online. He didn’t enjoy these as much, but that has more to do with his language disorder than anything I think.

He really enjoyed the science lessons. These are for older children but Boobear loves science and he greatly enjoyed watching the different videos. Rather than a worksheet with these, we simply discussed them.

One of my favorite sections is the life skills section. This is where you’ll find worksheets about money, hygiene, social skills, and even things like cooking or time management. I think this is a valuable section for anyone but for a child like Boobear who has challenges, it has a bit of extra value.

If you’re looking for something specific and you can’t find it, you can simply use the TestMaker and make up your own test. You can make tests and worksheets for any subject, using questions that are pre-made or that you come up with yourself. Simply print out the page to have a fully customized test or worksheet for your student. If you have multiple kids, you can make the worksheets and tests all on the same topic, but at different difficulty levels, perfect for unit studies.

If you prefer, you can also do online testing. You can make your own tests and allow your child to do them on the computer. You can also use tests from the library if you prefer not to make your own. You have to be a subscriber in order to use the online test feature. Boobear didn’t like taking a test online; he prefers pencil and paper.

Now what about pricing? Surprisingly, it is very affordable and I think it is worth it whether you are teaching just one child or have many. There is a free subscription that lets you make custom tests and worksheets with up to ten questions. The pro subscription, which I reviewed, is only $24.95 for an entire year. With this subscription you can make unlimited tests and worksheets with up to 100 questions, with unlimited online tests and lessons. There is also a group subscription that would probably be nice for a co-op situation that offers the same as the pro subscription with the addition of sharing tests with a group. It’s for up to 30 users and is $199.95 per year.

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