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prbh-front-cover-smWith his language disorder, Boobear has a hard time reading so I’m always on the lookout for something to shake things up. Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting from Everyday Education, LLC fit the bill. We received a pdf copy to review as part of the Review Crew, which made it very easy to print out sheets as needed.

This program is simple and practical. Had I found it when I was first teaching Boobear how to read and write, I would never have tried anything else. It is fantastic. There are no bells and whistles here – just a simple, black and white program that really teaches exactly what it says it will. The idea is to get a child to read and write in 60 days. We skipped the beginning lessons in favor of the more advanced ones that Boobear is stuck on, but with the way the program is set up I can see how many children could indeed be reading and writing in the time it takes to do this program. And I don’t feel that you would need to supplement with anything except things for copywork and readers. That’s it. No need for a supplementary program.

The book begins by discussing phonics and the importance of handwriting. It answers questions many people ask, such as why handwriting is important in our computer-driven society and why phonics is better than sight reading. It also encourages the idea of going at the child’s pace when learning to read but doesn’t discredit the idea that a child may have a learning disability like some programs I have seen. One thing that I love is the suggestion of a quiet time. This is described as a time when everyone in the house is doing a paper-based activity. Mom may be reading or planning while the children are reading or drawing, everyone in sight on one another. I love this idea, and I think it is one that I am going to implement. In my case, I can be reading my college work while Boobear is practicing his own reading or drawing. The idea behind it, besides a nice break in the day, is to show that the parent sees reading as important, which translates over to the kids seeing it as important.

The reading lessons are very clear and easy to use. You don’t have to worry about manipulatives or even writing everything out on a whiteboard. Rules are included right on the page they are practiced on and lists of words are there to learn and practice with. Boobear sat right in my lap at the computer and we went over the lessons. He and I both liked that lessons were short and to the point. There’s no fluff – just learning.

The handwriting section is done just as well. Boobear wasn’t as happy about the handwriting but he never is. While I love it, he’s already learned a way he’s used to and it’s simply too much for him to try and change his handwriting. But again – had I found this first, it’s what I would have used. I love it – lessons are clear, simple, and there’s even practice sheets you can print out that are blank for you to use your own copywork and practice.

I would recommend this program to new homeschoolers who want something practical, simple, and basic or for those who need to do remedial work. And I would say the handwriting section would be excellent for anyone who needs to improve their handwriting, no matter their age.

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