Working While Homeschooling

As you may know, I’m a work at home mom. I mainly was working part time, because that was all I could find.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been – well, I was switched over on my project to full time!

Now, add in homeschooling and my own college. Good thing I have a husband who doesn’t mind stepping up to handle the cooking and other chores!

I have been trying desperately to figure out a schedule that will allow me to squeeze everything in while still getting a little time to myself (and sleep, of course!) but it’s been a real challenge.

Right now I work 4 hours Thursday evenings, 12 hour days Friday and Saturday, 11 hours on Sunday, and 7 hours on Monday. I mostly work in the evenings, though I work all day Friday – Sunday.

My days off are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Wednesdays tend to be for appointments. Tuesdays are reserved for visiting my grandparents.

So just when do I squeeze in homeschooling?

Right now, I’ve got things as streamlined as I can get them while meeting Boobear’s needs. That means there have been some curriculum changes already to help (more on that in another post) and we are using online resources more.

Monday – Thursday we school in the mornings/early afternoons. Preferably before we have to go anywhere. This is when we do our more teacher-intensive things and the more “traditional” schooling.

The other three days Boobear plays games, mainly Teach Your Monster to Read and Talking Fingers. He also does some work on Matific. He doesn’t see this as school, so he doesn’t mind. And it keeps him learning while I’m working. In fact, he can be on the desktop while I’m on the laptop and it works out great!

Right now, it seems to be working. My biggest concern is burnout, especially with squeezing in college in there. But we’re managing.

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