Tips for Homeschoolers Struggling with Studies

What is your experience with homeschooling? Parents with homeschooling kids find it hard supporting their while at home. You may not be a teacher to understand the basics of homeschooling, but you need to support your kid and ensure they learn while at home as a parent. If you are new, find someone to share on the homeschooling schedule and other related challenges.

Here are some homeschooling tips for beginners.

Take less than seven hours

Unlike traditional schooling, where students take 5 to seven hours in school, homeschooling operates differently. You won’t spend 7 hours or more with your kid schooling at home. If you have been spending over 7 hours with your kid in the study room, find tips for parents with homeschoolers.

Homeschooling doesn’t need to take long. In traditional schooling, students take some time to settle in class. Most time is spent moving up and down. The 7 hours in school are not fully utilized for classwork. Other activities that eat into the 7 hours’ time include; taking roll calls, repeating instructions for everyone to understand, waiting for all students to settle in class. Generally, most of the 7 hours are consumed with other activates outside studying.

Homeschooling needs to take shorter. Since you deal with a few kids (sometimes only one kid) activities, no more time is wasted. Make your study schedule brief for learners.

Some days you may take longer than 7 hours. Provided you kids are enjoying it, that is okay. But be considerate and ensure that you are not exhausting them with long study hours.

Make a homeschooling schedule

Do you need tips for new homeschoolers? Start with developing a homeschooling schedule. Your schedule may be simple or detailed. You can make it daily, weekly, and monthly. Ensure that your schedule is suitable for your kids. Let your schedule be flexible. Have some breaks for refreshment and shifting of events.

Study your kid’s behavior when designing the timetable. If your kids like morning hours’ studies, utilize it well in your schedule.

Your schedule should also include eating and snacking time. You cannot mix study and meals. Agree with your kid on a suitable time for eating and include it in your study schedule.

Flexible study

Are you in need of tips for parents with homeschoolers? The study schedule should be flexible. All the days may not be the same. Things keep changing every day. Your study schedule should be flexible to accommodate the change. Sometimes your kid may be unwell, and you won’t be studying. You will need to find the best way to fix your timetable to compensate for your not studying time.

Create a conducive study space

There are several tips for homeschoolers who find it hard to learn from home. However, never fail on this essential one; creating a conducive study space. Your study space should be free from any destructors. Destructors easily carry away kids’ attention. Ensure that the study room is free from any materials and items that are likely to comprise the kids’ studies.

Keep off from the TV, phones, or any other non -study related materials and items. The room should be cool free from noise to allow concentration and focus while studying.

Understand the best study approach

Students learn in several ways. Make the learning process and interesting at all times. If your kids like visual learning, support their studies with the necessary materials. Never depend on the one-study method. Invest in different approaches according to your kid’s preference to improve their understanding.


Homeschooling has challenges, but it may be the best option. Students can learn in their natural environment and enjoy their studies. Parents should understand how to manage their students are homeschooling to make their learning process successful.

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